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🚨 We're looking for an EdTech consultant!

Apply by the 17th July to come take a look at how technology is being used in schools and procured by and for schools around the world!

Njalla has built (or copied, depending on how you see it) a clean and simple DNS checker
Hope you like it!

So Amazon bought wickr
I had a lot of issues with Wickr before, but this was of course the nail in the coffin for them. I've been moving more and more of my personal communication to Matrix and I've never been as happy since IRC. :)

I'm considering to organise a small decentralised tech event regarding next level peer 2 peer. Anyone up?

"The quieter you become, the more you're able to hear"... about @peter 's mysterious Mastodon server.

@lightone @testman Well, I'm all for the fediverse and I'm here to stay, just took some time to get the energy to set up my own server to feel a bit in control. So, well, I'll start posting here more too. :)