Anyone know how to make lxd give a tcp socket instead of a unix socket for a console type=vga connection?

@peter Sorry no. Guess you could use something like socat as an intermediate step perhaps?


@espen I did exactly that, but it's not a stable solution long term. I'll look over the code and see what I can come up with :)

@peter Getting it done natively is obviously the best solution (I assume this is qemu at work btw for vga consoles?)

Failing that I would probably wire up socat in a systemd service and do auto start/stop though a socket file. But best of luck :)

@espen testing lxd 4's variant of virtual machines instead of just containers, to see how well it plays together and experimenting a bit. in general want to use (or add) native features for stability instead of wrappers :) thanks for caring!

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