The treatment of Julian Assange is insanity. No matter what you think of him as a person or as a journalist, no matter if he had sexually abused someone or not, the Kafkaesque and demeaning treatment of him and his case is an embarrassment to the legal system and human rights.


first individual voice for Assange I have seen here

@otso it's not for Assange but for decency and human rights. I don't like him, but I like human rights


OK. not for Assange, but for the human rights of a person you don't like who happens to be Assange 😊
@peter it might be making perfect sense to those doing it as a deterrence to others. we really can't expect humanity from governance at levels bigger than local bodies. maybe even regulation of certain aspects of society/economy should be signed into law by local bodies and not nation states.

@peter The system is rigged. It desperately wants to force us into cynically asking "what human rights?". Well, fuck that. Do not give in, do not lose hope. Demand that human rights be respected. Inform others, educate them. We will get there - but it'll be one hell of a fight.

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