I'm considering to organise a small decentralised tech event regarding next level peer 2 peer. Anyone up?

I'd be interested in viewing :) (if virtual - not traveling atm)

@peter I mean, I don't know anything about that sort of thing myself but if I'm allowed to watch from the sidelines I'd sure be interested to do so. I'm curious to see where we can go with decentralised tech.

@peter Might be for sure, depending on exactly when - to listen in if nothing else.

@peter I'm very keen if virtual!

Almost certainly can't come if physical, & I wouldn't the airtravel pollution anyways.

absolutely off topic, only related, sorry if this is wasting your time 

@peter misread for a second level with layer and wondered if you are working the layers up or down 🙃 🙈
ok, but I'll try to keep this one in mind in case I'll ever give a "layer up" IT-network class 🙈🙈
(feel free to use it before me, though, no copyrighty person here :D)

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