In movies, the hero, with her's/his faults, ends up in a weird situation. In desperation they ask someone from a gang or the mob for help. You watch and think "no don't do it!"
In totally related news, Finland and Sweden are joining NATO, but Turkey has some demands first...

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Just nu i på Svt så snackar man om "integration" när det handlar om folk som begått brott i samband med att Paludan bränt koranen. Man utgår ifrån att samtliga som är upprörda är nyligen inflyttade som ska BETE SIG. Det är riktigt jävla rasistiskt. Prata om kriminalitet, prata om varför skandinaver är besatta av att förnedra muslimer. Ska någon slängas ut, så är det rasisterna.

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Insåg just att ”snabla” är det perfekta tvetydiga verbet för elefantappen 🧠

So seems one is supposed to do
I'm a troll (half-norwegian), bitter (half-finnish) person interested in building communities. I am most known for my work in digital activism where I've been involved in the pirate bay, Wikileaks and other greyish projects. More recently I started njalla, a privacy understanding domain/hosting/security organisation. Also make some tv/film projects and releasing a new pod soon. My focus is the same but the tools many and weird.

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Please do share this with anyone you think might benefit, for example people who are new here.

For those just joining. Yes, it's different. Yes there's some UX and UI annoyances. The good thing is you can fix it yourself. You're in control. And if you don't know how, many people here would like to help. You don't need to ask anyone for permission. Freedom of speech doesn't cost 44B USD. It's free. Otherwise it's cost of speech.

The best thing Elon Musk ever did for privacy was buying twitter. Since it makes people leave for safer, smarter and more private alternatives. It's so nice to see people join here.

👏 Protocols, not platforms.
👏 Communities, not corporations.

Tumblr: 3B USD
Twitter: 44B USD
Money money money.
For everything else, there is this network. Welcome home.

I'm looking for employment where, every day as I go into work, I know my kids, when they are adults, will be aware of the benefit to them of my work. I am looking for a company working toward enduring impact that should still be clear 10 and 20 years from now.
If you can't live without foresight, and you could use a Linux/JVM/Postgres/Kotlin dev who can do pretty much anything given a minute to read the docs, please do reach out.

This is fascinating[1].

Anyone who knows anything about copyright law laughs their arses off, of course (and here's a primer for anyone who needs it[2]).

But this *is* dangerous. A lot of people have no clue, copyright is byzantine in its complexity, and it just takes a few ill-informed judges to make this into a thing. And coinbros will push their bullshit, whether they know they're wrong or not.

[1] source:
[2] NFTs and copyright:


Swedens biggest darknet site for drugs (Flugsvamp 3.0) just closed down. They didn't return the money in customers wallets. Sounds like a great retirement plan from the owners! Who's gonna call the cops and say that they got scammed trying to buy drugs...

Anyone else running the framework laptop that is annoyed at the extremely bright fingerprint/power button? Anyone found a way to turn it down?

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